Feature Film, 'The Block'

Day 6, Week 30 of 38

5 weeks to principal photography - and things are finally shifting into 3rd gear. The main actors have been secured and we can finally begin the Rehearsal process.

Wait. Rehearsals? Yea. Rehearsals. Rehearsals has always been treated as a by-the-way kinda of thing, the process where the actor and director test out meattier scenes from the script, simple blocking and do line readings.

" Rub shoulders, get to know one another. A 3-day rehearsal? Perfect!" says the producer.

"Save the magic for shoot!" says the director.

"I want to keep my performance fresh!" says the actor.

What that usually means for the director is a buffet of shots, adding some last minute twist in performance blocking to conjure up some 'magic', and then digging through the clutter in editing in hopes of finding something interesting.

So here's the anti-thesis of that:

Films are made in rehearsals.

For The Block, this is where we'll be cooking the story.

I'll be cataloguing pages from Leonard's playbook during the 5-week rehearsal period and hopefully, try to lift the veil on this elusive filmmaking process.


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